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Business leaders use a good data analysis and reporting system to set expectations for the future of the business. The tools and services that eureka offers can take you to a much more productive technological level with the efficiency of Data Analytics that we offer. It is proven that the agility of the operation and customer satisfaction is achieved by having a company with good data analytics management.

One of our most successful products is Data Analytics Dashboards, in both Tableau and Power BI.

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Basic Power BI

Practical workshop for analysts and business users, in which the capabilities of power bi are addressed and put into place in a general way.


  • Introduction to Power BI

  • Data connection

  • Data preparation

  • Data modeling and exploration

  • Data visualization

  • Create mobile visualizations

  • Create mobile visualizations

  • Dashboards creation

  • Collaboration and distribution

  • Accessing reports from mobile devices

Power BI Basic and Intermediate

Import and transform data from a wide variety of data sources.


  • + Basic agenda

  • Internal components of Power BI Desktop

  • Best practices in data modeling

  • Mejores prácticas en el modelado de datos

  • Columnas y medidas calculadas con DAX


  • Evaluation contexts with DAX

  • Start timing functions in data modeling

  • Best practices with DAX

Power BI from Basic to Advanced

Use the DAX language to perform calculations in Power BI Desktop models content


  • + Basic agenda

  • Introduction to the M language of Power BI

  • Data Import

  • Denormalization of a data model

  • Using advanced editor

  • Advanced transformations with M

  • Using variables and functions

  • Creating parameters and dynamic paths

  • Optimization techniques

Data Transformation with M

Once this course is completed, the participant will be able to import and transform data from a wide variety of data sources.

Model optimization with DAX

At the end of this course, the participant will be able to use DAX language to perform calculations in Power BI Desktop models.

Data visualization and Storytelling

At the end of this course, the participant will have the ability to design better visualizations using the data narrative.

Power BI administration

At the end of this course, the participant will be able to manage the PowerBI environment, taking into account data governance.


In the midst of the knowledge era, the relationship we have established with eureka has allowed us to exploit our ability to analyze information aimed at a digital transformation that allows us to improve the shopping experience and client satisfaction.

Antonio Treviño Director de Sistemas y Supply Chain, Mega Alimentos

100% reliable and trustworthy with good understanding of the business and propositions that exceeded our expectations. At all times they have shown excellent effectiveness and use of time in the projects.

Carlos Reyes Ventas y Supply Chain, Mueller Industries Inc.

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